PINgrid Certification Program

PINgrid technology is not limited to one platform or programming language, you can write code in any language you like. To ensure compatibility with the PINgrid standard, all PINgrid implementations must be certified when implemented without the use of an SDK. Certification ensures that the technology is not fragmented and that your PINgrid implementation is compatible with others so you can reply on the security of a proven technology, and leverage existing components such as the PINgrid soft tokens with confidence.

The process for writing code for PINgrid without an SDK is as follows:

    Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    Write your code in accordance with the PINgrid Technology Implementation Guide.
    Submit your application for certification.
    Sign a Licence Agreement to sub-licence PINgrid technology with your application.
    Release your application.

An implementation of PINgrid technology via a SDK may also be submitted for certification testing. The process is much quicker and no NDA is required. Contact us on to discuss your requirements.